Laura Trapiella-Alfonso

Post-doctoral researcher

She obtained her Ph.D. in Chemistry with a focus on Analytical Nanoscience in 2013 at the University of Oviedo (Spain) working on Quantum Dots from their synthesis till their application as fluorescent labels in immunoassays. During her Ph.D, she did a stay at Florida State University (USA) studying Metal Nanoclusters.

She performed a first postdoctoral stay at Chimie ParisTech and ESPCI (France) being involved in a project focussed on the design of new nanoprobes for biomedical imaging. Finally, she has participated in a project using functionalized magnetic beads into a microfluidic fluidized bed system as proof of concept of an apheresis system for the treatment of Preeclampsia.

Her current interests are bio-functionalization of materials (nanoparticles, beads, etc.), development of point of care devices and analytical tools for therapy.

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