Hansabiomed Life Sciences Ou

Hansabiomed Life Sciences Ou

HANSABIOMED LIFE SCIENCES is a research intensive and market oriented company operating since 2007 in Tallinn, Estonia and featuring acknowledged global pioneer in EV research focus. The company maintained a SME status under the name of HansaBioMed OU till May 2017 when it was acquired by LONZA group. The key mission of the company is development and commercialization of kits, reagents, equipment and services dedicated to EV research for the Life Science market. R&D efforts are focused on rapid translation of self-standing solutions for life science market into EV diagnostic assays as well as defining new standards prompting EV therapeutic initiatives. HBM OU has been commercializing exosome reagents and ELISA kits and is partly supported by research grants since 2010.

First catalogue is released in 2013 and is now available and constantly imporved within HansaBioMed Life Sciences. Company enrolls a small management and scientific team with excellent track record in creating impact, in terms of IPR, market released products and raising private and public funding. The core platforms are EV purification solutions, including both chemical, affinity based solutions and SEC columns; ExoTESTTM, a simple, non-invasive and sensitive sandwich immune-assay that enables specific exosome capture from complex biological fluids and their subsequent quantitative analysis; Optimized extraction kits that enable isolation of high quality, exosome specific-derived RNAs, miRNA, for further molecular profiling and is suitable for analysis of exosome shuttled glycans and metabolites. HBM team has also developed a comprehensive range of supporting protocols and reagents for biological samples processing for the purpose of exosomes isolation. These include also sample harvesting and storage SOPs, and improved solutions for vesicles isolation and long-term conservation.

Financial support, technical and commercial support of Lonza along with Lonza’s infrastructure and leadership role in bio-manufacturing,, will accelerate the transformation of an extended EV expertise into breakthrough solutions for Life Science Market and beyond and is certainly constituting adding value regarding overall capabilities of HBM-LS in INDEX project.

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